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Rules for events: 

Alcohol - Announce at the drivers meeting that there will be zero tolerance for drugs and alcohol for any of the drivers, navigators or track officials. If this is not abided by then it will be disqualification for the whole day. (99)

The hosting club has to deal with drinking infractions. (09)

Age for Racers and Passengers:

- Drags - In drags kids from 12 to 13 years of age with a Nova Scotia Identification ID card with photo and wearing full safety gear will be allowed to run as a passenger only and in parent`s truck only. (18/22)

- Drags Only– In drags kids from 14 to 16 years of age with a Nova Scotia Identification ID card with photo and wearing full safety gear will be allowed to run as driver in any class with parent`s in truck and in parent`s truck only. (21)

New Rule change 2024 - Slalom - Anyone 14 years of age or older are allowed to be a passenger in a truck during slalom with parent/guardian on site and providing consent. Except in the new Junior 4 & 6 Cylinder Stock Class where they are allowed to drive. See class rules for information.(20/21/24)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Racers and Racers and passengers must have proof of age. The Penalty will be the truck is done for the day. (03)(16)

Fire - All events must have the fire department or adequate 2 person mobile unit with 4 twenty pound fire extinguishers at the event. (18)

Medical - All events must have ambulance or qualified medical personnel at the event. The host club must show show proof of first responders at the drivers meeting before starting the event. (99)(16)

Insurance - Each indiviidual clubs responsibiliy and highly recommended.(22)

The banquet each pays $300.00 up front to the club that host the banquet and the club that host the banquet is rsponsible for collecting the money at each event. (10)(17)

New Rule for 2024 - The Banquet to be hosted by second week of November. (24)

New Rule change for 2024 - The website upkeep is $50.00 to Dave Blinn. (10)(17) 

All workers doing each event must meet 15 minutes before the drivers meeting to get organized and check in with light attendent.(09)(16)

The host club is responsible to tell the driver why they a DNF. (15) 

The host club has the responsibility to host & run an event. This includes DNF`s and enforcing all the rules and record keeping.(11)

New Rule for 2024 - Awards at events - Each event needs to give an award of some sort to top 3 trucks, pay outs or plaques.(24)

It will be left up to the host clubs whether one day or two day events will be held. (00)

New Rule for 2024 - Weather events/Cancellation - In the event of terrible weather, we cancel at least by Thursday night at 8 pm.(24)

You have to be registered for drags by the end of registration time. Example: Registration is from 8-9 you have to be there & registered by 9. (11)

New Rule Change 2024 - If your BFG points events is two days Saturday and Sunday,registration should be at least by 8 am and start racing before 9 am. (Except for the Kings event) (13/17/24)

A maximum of $15 admission fee at the gate.(23)

Only the driver plus one other person of the tow vehicles to enter free, all others in the vehicle will have to pay to enter. It is the responsibility of the host club to make sure that they inform whoever is working the gates. (02)(15)(22)(23)

Make sure that James Cairns has a clear parking spot for all drivers to get easy accessibility for repairs. (12)             


To qualify in BFG POINTS SERIES you must belong to one of the host clubs. This is to facilitate the flow of information and give more help at events to host clubs. (01)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Must compete in both slalom and drags at each event.(96)   

Trucks must make it through tech to qualify for points, drags and slalom.(04)

Each club must provide original, official race results at the end of the event to the official points statistician. (Brooke Melvin)(96/02/23)

- A list of vehicles and drivers.

- All original drag sheet results.

- All orginal slalom sheets results. 

BFG points are awarded as per place.(Example: first place is one point, second place is two points, third place is three points, etc.,for both drags and slalom.) The driver with the least amount of points at the end is the first place winner.(All events count)(04)

Tie Breakers - In the BFG series, the truck with the most first, second etc.(04)

No finish at an event will result in last place points.(96)

No show at an event will be assed one more than last place points against.(04)

2009 Points changes: 2 slalom point runs instead of one and one column for drags.(09)

You can miss as many events that you want and still qualify in the BFG points series.(13)

Valley Tire must be on every poster and each club must have their own Valley Tire banner displayed at the event.(15)(23)

Vehicles must have a BF Goodrich Decal or Tires and a Valley Tire Decal to qualify for the points series. Decals must be highly visible.(13)

Maritime Off Road Racing Rules must apply in all events so vehicles stay in the same class in order to qualify for overall.(96)

You can only win in your registered class.(96)   

You can only register one vehicle in one class and will remain in that class all season.(96)

Classes - There has to be three trucks for a class.(04)

No bumping classes.(00)                                                          

If you have a BFG # then all points will count towards the yearend stats. (07)

All BFG numbers are from 00 to 199 and are assigned you must contact Brooke Melvin. If it not used for one race season, then the number is available for the next race season. You may apply to hold the number for another season, but must do so before the last rally. You must contact official statistician (Brooke Melvin) to keep your BFG # (96/06/14).

Truck #’s - BFG POINTS TRUCKS - to display number at top right and left corner and both sides of vehicle. (door or fender), highly visible, permanently affixed. This is part of tech. This will be enforced. (01/06/14)

Penalties or Problems:

In the event of problems that occur during the year, it will be required to have one member from each club present to discuss the problem and make a decision as a group before any action can be taken. (02)

Kings County 4x4 Club has the right to settle any disputes, as they seem fair, only if the club representatives cannot settle a dispute. (96/06)

Penalties for misconduct                                                                                                                     

Minor - reprimand and lose points for that particular run, not for the whole day. 

Major - lose points for the whole event. (98/06)


Light operator (?) to be paid $600.00 at each event by the hosting club and Art must have a working radio with same frequency as all other radios at event. (02/06/14/17/18/19) At 2 day events the light attendent will need to be compensated for accommodations where he would rather stay than travel. (22) We will now be using a Pro Tree.(12)(20/21/23)

Penalties for Lights: DNF if any part of your truck hits Art Hickey`s finish line equipment.

Tech & Safety:   

TECH AND SAFETY MAN are to make the decisions on whether or not a vehicle can run and in what class they are to run in. They have the final say, and are not to be over ruled by a hosting club. (02)

New Rule change for 2024 - Tech and Safety person are to be paid $150.00 each, by the host club. (Kirstie Goreham & Malcolm Keith) In the event both are not able to make an event the host club would like to know in advance who will be replacing them at the event.James Cairns will be used as a designated back up for Malcolm Keith. (02/22/24)

Tech and Safety - When your truck is being teched, only the driver and navigator of the truck are allowed around the vehicle.(14)  

One race grace is not applicable for safety equipment. No one race grace for points trucks. (No one race grace for safety equipment on points truck.)(12)

All classes will be teched at the beginning of each event.(00)

A list of trucks not tech should be given to tech and safety by the host club. Example: Trucks that slalom only. (19)

New Rule for 2024 - Tech and safety for trucks who arrive on day 2 only - Two zip ties (different colours) put on the window net to sighnify safety and tech checked on Saturday, to know it doesn`t need to be done again Sunday. Zip ties to be provided by hosting club for safety and tech on Saturday. (24)

Rollovers - If a truck should roll over, it must be re-tech before running again. (01)

Re-tech - The starter or officials may request to re-tech a vehicle at any time. (01)


A representative from each hosting club must be at start line of the drags to help with windows being rolled up and rocking tires. (05)  

Drag track is to be 250 feet long by at least 60 feet wide with a minimum of 250 feet for shutdown area. They can widen it at any event only at the discretion of the safety committee. (02/06)                                                                           

All drag trees are to be set up the same way. The starting grids are to be set up by random draws. (02) Number Pulling - There must be the same amount of numbers for trucks as numbers for the drag tree.(19) The lanes for the drags will be assigned from the drag tree sheets, upper branch will be in the left lane and the lower branch will be in the right lane.(14) 

The drag tree sheets will be done by Brooke Melvin at all events and she will be paid $100.00. (18)

All bye runs must be run. (18)                                                              

Two-minute timer - Once the first truck has staged and activated the red lights, a two-minute timer for the second truck is activated. Once the two minutes are up, the truck that is staged will get a bye run. (04/06) At the discretion of the driver by may be over ruled by the host club. (Host club can overrule the driver).(12)

Open Drags: 100% of registration money goes back to the class. (17)


A representative from each hosting club must be at start line of the slalom to help with windows being rolled up and rocking tires. (05)  

Stakes will be must be at least two feet high. They have to be painted Day Glow Orange at least 6” on top and be highly visible. (00/06/07/11) 

Any stakes takes a two second penalty inside or out. (08)

Other better visible aids can be used with stakes such as pylons and empty plastic barrels but not tires or hay bales that can be destructive to vehicle. (17)

Only stakes are penalties. (not pylons, barrels, hay bales, etc..)

Each club should appoint a track marshal to check for stakes that are knocked down and for trucks that are off course.(16) 

A slow and fast run must be carried out by the host club before the slalom starts. This must be enforced. (06)

Each participant gets the same amount of runs, regardless if they are points or not.

The slalom will run by classes in a staggered order at the discretion of the host club. Both runs will be in the same order. (01)

Start line - Vehicles must start out in four-wheel drive for both drags and slalom. This will be at the discretion of the starter. There will only be track officials at the start line. (00/06)

New Rule for 2024 – Design of slalom race – Keep it so as clubs discretion to change the track design if they want too, or keep it the same if they want too.(24)

There shall be a fire extinguisher at the start line at all times. If it gets used, then it must be recharged before the next event and the hosting club pays for it. (07)

Stopwatches - There must be a stopwatch at the start line of each slalom run to be used for a backup in case of timer failure. (06)

Must have stopwatch at all events and clubs must have these. (08)

Videos – If timer or stopwatch does not work during a slalom run a complete video from start to finish and must be presented before the end of round of classes. (20/21)

TWO STARTS ONLY - If racer brings on the stage lights, this indicates they are ready to race. Bring on a green and start times, indicates one run. (01)

New Rule for 2024 - Times between break down and recovery vehicle - First break down you have 30 seconds to start or you are towed off. If you get your seconds and break again, you do not get another 30 seconds. If you are upside down after a rollover, the come instantly. If you land on your wheels, you get the 30 seconds.(24)

Must make full stop at the end of slalom run before entering pit area or will result in a one stake penalty. (two seconds) (00)

No hot doggin after you come to a complete stop of slalom. (08)

Slalom times should be posted up somewhere at the event so that the drivers can see their times away from the time keeper. (13)

The host club will be allowed allowed to take a snapshot photo of official time sheets from Art to post on a bristle board. (18)

Daylight - In the event that there is not enough daylight to finish the slalom, only the classes that couldn’t complete their 2nd run, that a second time will not count.In the event that all classes are not able to finish their 2nd run, the fastest time of the day will only be judged on 1st runs only. (00/06)

Flat tires - May finish a course on a flat tire without being disqualified. (99)

Also see Class Rules for more Rules