MORRtracks6B 2

50dg22aDriver: Dana Gilby


BFG Number: # 50


Club: Hants Co. Mud Runners


Class: Modified

52dr22aDriver: Darryl Richard


BFG Number: # 52


Club: Hants Co. Mud Runners


Class: 6 Cylinder Stock with sponsors Granny`s Antiques and Gifts and Darryl`s Small Engine Repairs.

53jm22aDriver; Jared Martin


BFG Number: # 53




Class: 8 Cylinder Sportsman

54amn22aDriver: Art MacNeil


BFG Number; # 54


Club: Team Xtreme Offroad Racing


Class: Modified

55nb18 2Driver: Neil Benedict


BFG Number: # 55


Club: Roughneck Off Road Racing


Class: Super Stock

56jw22aDriver: Josh Wamback


BFG Number: # 56


Club: Shelburne Co. Mud Munchers


Class: Pro Stock

62dd22aDriver: Deven Demont


BFG Number: # 62




Class: Pro Lite

67rr22aDriver: Richard Robinson


BFG Number: # 67




Class: 6 Cylinder Stock



69jf22aDriver: Jimmy Fraser


BFG Number: # 069


Club: Lunenburg Co. Off Road Racing


Class: Super Stock

71cj22aDrivers: Cody Jewers


BFG Number: # 71


Club: Team Xtreme Off Road Racing


Class: Pro Stock