MORRtracks6B 2

2017 6 Cylinder Stock Champion

Josh & Arden Robar

2017 6 Cylinder Stock 2nd Place Overall

Brandon Watson

2017 6 Cylinder Stock 3rd Place Overall

Darryl Richard

2017 8 Cylinder Stock Champion

Corey Whynot

2017 8 Cylinder Stock 2nd Place Overall

Murray & Gabby Bruhm

2017 8 Cylinder Sportsman Champion

Nick Tupper

2017 8 Cylinder Sportsman 2nd Place Overall

Kenny Mansfield

2017 8 Cylinder Sportsman 3rd Place Overall

Rob MacKeen

2017 Pro Lite Champion

Joe Goodwin

2017 Pro Lite 2nd Place Overall

Chris Bunn

2017 Pro Lite 3rd Place Overall

Cory Smith

2017 Super Stock Champion

Trevor Decker

2017 Super Stock 2nd Place Overall

Junior Keddy

2017 Super Stock 3rd Place Overall

Scott Thompson

2017 Pro Stock Champion

Blaze Keith

2017 Pro Stock 2nd Place Overall

Josh Eavis

2017 Pro Stock 3rd Place Overall

Nathan Whynot

2017 Modified 2nd Place Overall

Curtis Smith

2017 Modified 3rd Place Overall

Adrien Comeau

2017 Modified Champion

Jeremy Shand

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Buy & Sell - Just added to homepage. Go to Buy & Sell, find My Profile create a user name and password. Submit ad just select a category then follow the instructions or email me your ad at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .I have to publish it.

Drivers - In the driver category the info is very basic if you want to send me more about you and your trucks,points or non points,truck make,engine,address,sponsors, me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . If your truck is not in the drivers category just email me and I will add you in the category, points or non points.

Over 40 years of side by side dirt drags, hill climbs and slalom racing.

If your interested racing in the series or just want to try it out.Join a local 4x4 club and read the General & Safety rules and Class rules on this site.The club will tell you how to register for the series. 

Check out the 2018 schedule for the next events.

Thank you Ralph Saulnier for all the photos and logos.

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